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    Miro-brewed beer project and catering industry
    Сообщение от:WEBMASTER время:2014-1-13 щелчки:3

      Miro-brewed beer project is “gold” brand of catering industry. The operators of catering industry usually put up a sign of cuisine to manage. But there are thousands of restaurants all over the country, the cuisine have been digged into dead end. So it is a universal phenomenon of the sameness of management. There are so many restaurants in China, so the uniqueness of special food are no longer special. the micro-brewed beer project may be the new means for the management of catering industry. This is absolutely a innovation. The winemaker making the beer and the chef cooking the food are the two unrelated industries. As the saying goes “difference in profession makes one feel worlds apart. If one could combine the two, this will be the powerful means for the restaurants operators. The catering industry cant live without wine, just as an traditional concept in china going: no wine no seats.

      The consumption of beer in today's China is the most common consumption of all the wine spendings. In 2010, the annual consumption up to 44 millions tens, because no matter from price or from the concept of health, the beer can be easily accepted and recognized by the ordinary consumers.

      You can image that: sparing up 10 square space in your restaurant and putting a micro beer equipment; hiring an excellent beer maker, making on site. So wonderful thing.

      Micro-brewed beer project can drive the catering business, meet the development trend of catering industry.

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