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    The selection of home brewing equipment
    Сообщение от:WEBMASTER время:2013-12-4 щелчки:5

      In the nowdays, whether it is a big gathering or a small party, beer has become an indispensable part. In order to cater to mass consumer, each big market and hotels are equipped with beer making kits. So now let me introduce the selection of home brewing equipment.

      1, before purchasing the beer equipments, you should determine the capacity of equipment according to your own situation. If the equipment is not big enough, it will not meet the demand.

      2. After that, you need to select the brand of beer equipment. As food production equipment, the big brands are reliable, and the sanitary condition is also qualified. Meanwhile, the after-sales service is satisfied.

      3. On special occasions, the appearance of the equipment is also a concern. If the equipments are commensurate to the interior finish, the whole atmosphere will be improved.

      The above is just my advice. Our company Beijing aerospace beer machine specialized in this field for almost thirty years, if you want to know more about beer making knowledge, please feel free to contact me.

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