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    Beer knowledge
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    The kinds of beer
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      1, according to the color of beer.

      (1) Pale Beer, Pale Beer is the most output of all the kinds of beers. According to the color depth, Pale Beer can be divided into the following three.

      (A)Pale yellow beer, this kind of beer use light-colored and low-solubility malt as material, and the mashing period is short. So the color of the beer is light. The taste of this kind of beer are light and soft, and the beer hops smelt thick.

      (B)Golden yellow beer, the malt and the solubility are higher than the Pale Beer, so the color is golden yellow, and the tastes is velvety.

      (C)Brown yellow beer, using high solubility malt as material, so the color of the beer is deep. Actually it almost close to the dark ale. The mellow wine juice.

      (2)Brown Beer

      (3)Stout Beer

      2, according to the sterilization condition of beer.

      (1)draught beer

      (2)Pasteurimd beer

      3,original wort concentration

      (1) small beer

      (2) Light beer

      (3) Strong beer

      4,.according to the nature of fermentation

      (1) Top fermenting

      (2) Bottom fermenting


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