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    Beer knowledge
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    The history of beer
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        The history of beer can be traced back to the cradle of human civilization--the east Mesopotamia(Tigris and Euphrates ), the downstream of Nile river and the shore of yellow river. The most primitive beer may be coming from the Sumerians of Mesopotamia, at least 9000 years of history.

      The original beer in ancient China also have 4000 to 5000 years of history. In 1837, in the city of Copenhagen, Denmark gave birth to the world's first industrial production of bottled beer factory, from then beer into the era of industrialized production.

      In 1900, the Russian established the frist beer factory in china, then China's beer industry began. But after nearly eighty years ,China's beer still developed very slowly. In the 1980 s, due to the reform and opening up, our country's beer industry spring up very quickly, and beer factories are emerged liking bamboo shoots after a spring rain all over China, such as Yanjing beer ,also grew up during this twenty years. At present,our country's total beer output ranked the second for seven past years. In 2004 China's total beer output up to 25.4 million tons,.

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