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    Wine Teaching Equipment
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    • Wine Teaching Equipment
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    Beijing aerospace beer machine is a designer,manufacturer and supplier of a comprehensive line of beer making equipment. We have 20 years of designing and producing beer brewing equipment. We owned the most advanced technology and world class device you need. We can not only provide the pubs, hotels, bars, nightclubs, restaurants,with high quality beer making equipments, but also provide the brewing ingredients needed. Such as hops, yeast, malts. Our main products are brewery equipment, beer equipment, wine equipment, juice equipment, micro beer brewing equipment, craft beer equipment, beer teaching equipment and related auxiliary equipments.
    The wine teaching equipment produced by Beijing Aerospace Machine,
    combined the equipment and the processing tightly . The machine with luxury apperance , small occupation place , low price, security performance, easy operation. The wine teaching equipment based on the latest processing techinical could produce the nutritious juice ,as well as other nutrient elements that easy obseved by the body at the same time.


    The material of the body of wine teaching equipment is imported stainless steel with cooling jacket and automatic controlling system that could control the fermenting temperature automatically,
    and the lining of the equipment is finishing polish, that meet the international food health standard.


    if you want to know more about the details, please contact me.

    website: www.bjhtbeer.com

    e-mail: bjbier2008@163.com

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