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    After service
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    Brewing service: we will send professional winemakers to provide you with beer brewing services, so as to brew various flavors of pure wheat beers; be responsible for overall training of brewing technology until the users are able to operate independently and brew high quality of beers; and assume responsibility for beer quality and cost.
    Equipment installation maintenance service: provide free beer equipment installation and debugging service for users; ensure that the maintenance personnel make decisions to settle equipment faults in 12 hours, and the technical personnel arrive at the site to solve the faults. The guarantee period of the complete set of equipment is one year.
    Raw material supply service:except for the yeast which will be purchased from our company, raw materials such as Australian wheat, rye and Vienna malt, wheat and flor are recommended directly to be purchased from professional brand manufacturers recognized by our company, so as to ensure users to get the raw materials of the best quality and the lowest price.
    New technology and information service for beer :provide users with the latest beer brewing technology as well as international and domestic newest beer information for free, so as to allow you to keep domestic first-class level in beer brewing technology and taste.
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